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Cajun Fried Chicken



Cajun is a blend of spices, “child”of Creole cuisine of Luisiana which combines spanish, german, french and African influence.

Cajun is a mix of spices: chilli powder, paprika, black pepper, onions, garlic, oregano and salt. It has an unique, slightly spicy aroma, and perfectly fits to chicken and fish.

Here is our recipe for south-american fried chicken.


For the chicken: 

1 whole chicken cut into pieces (with the skin)

1 tea cup of gluten-free flour

30g Chilli Hills Cajun Spice

Salt and black pepper

700 ml oil


Pour the oil into a deep saucepan and heat it to maximum.

Put salt to the chicken pieces.

The Cajun spice is mixed with the flour in a deep pot.

Put the chicken pieces into the flour mix and then carefully in the heated oil.

Fry them for 10 minutes until the meat has golden color.

Carefully pull it out with pinch and leave on a kitchen paper so they drain from the fat.


For a side dish we recommend potatoes puree and the required supplement that completes the combination is our hot sauce “Bulgarian carrot”.