Baby jar Carolina Reaper 30 ml.

Heat level - 10 / 10

Baby version of Carolina Reaper hot sauce

It’s fatal!

A deadly attraction between the world’s hottest chilli and the dark fruit notes of mulberry, framed within the delicate zest of fresh oranges.
This unique artisan hot sauce sends your senses into rapture!

Carolina Reaper chilli peppers, organic Mulberry, fresh oranges, white wine vinegar, onion, water, Himalayan salt.

WARNING! Extremely hot product.
Keep away from children and pets.

Nutrition information per 100ml:
Calories kJ/kcal – 178,72/42,69
Fat, g – 0,69, saturated fat, g – 0,20
Carbohydrate, g – 8,03, of which sugars, g – 8,84
Protein, g – 1,09
Salt, g – 1,11


6.50 лв.