Baby jar Hell Hot 30 ml.

Heat level - 10 / 10

Hotter Than Hell!!

Special limited edition hot sauce made just and only for you. Inflaming blend between pumpkin and three of the hottest chillies in the world.
This sauce will open the gates to hell!

Carolina Reaper, Naga and Trinidad Scorpion chilli peppers, pumpkin, onion, water, white wine vinegar, lime juice, brown sugar, Himalayan salt.

Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 60 days.

Shake well before use.

WARNING! Very hot product!
Keep away from children and pets!

Nutrition information per 100 ml:

Calories, kJ/kcal – 178,72/42,69
Fat, g – 0,69, saturated fat, g – 0,20
Carbohydrate, g – 1,09,
Salt, g – 0,47

6.50 лв.