Hot Sauce Village Spice 100 ml.

Heat level - 4 / 10

Smoky aroma, blending roasted garlic and wild herbs from the Rhodope mountain range to give an extra dimension of flavor to barbecue or roasts.

Chipotle and Ancho chilli peppers, roasted garlic, onion, brown sugar, Himalayan salt, white wine vinegar, village spices.

Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 60 days.
Shake well before use.

WARNING! Very hot product!
Keep away from children and pets!

Nutrition information per 100 ml:

Calories kJ/kcal – 247,12/59,03
Fat, g – 1,39, saturated fat, g – 0,20
Carbohydrate, g – 9,76, of which sugars, g – 8,84
Protein, g – 1,87
Salt, g – 0,86

10.00 лв.