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Sea bass with Ratatouille and Salamurika

There is an unique Saint Nicholas Day`s recipe with fish and its best friend – Salamurika paste.


Ingredients for 2: 

Sea bass fish 500g

Salt, black pepper, lemon

Ratatouille for 2 persons (cut into cubes)

Aubergine 100g

Zucchini 100g

Carrots 50g

Red pepper 30g

Tomatoes 100g

Onions 20g

Tomato puree 100g

Garlic 1 clove

1 table spoon Chilli Hills Саламурика

Salt, black pepper and fresh thyme



Pour olive oil on the sea bass, add salt and black pepper.

Cook it in grilled saucepan, highly heated so that fish could not stick in.

Cook it for 7 minutes, each side.

The Ratatouille needs a deeper saucepan, starting with garlic and onions.

After 2-3 minutes add the carrots and peppers.

After 2 minutes add the zucchini and aubergine.

Now put a table spoon of Salamurika and stir everything.

Now you can add the tomatoes and tomato puree. Stir and add some salt, black pepper and thyme.

Leave for 3-4 minutes until ready.


Serve and enjoy your meal!